We all do it, why not be the pilot?

Astral Travel is the art and science of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel beyond our physical body. In this class you will learn about the Astral Plane and a comprehensive way to experience it while in an awakened state. The process and rules of Astral Travel is presented to ensure safety and success for the traveller.

With practice and understanding, you will gain confidence that your experience is effective, accurate, and informative.

If you are asking “what is the benefit of being conscious of the astral plane?” or “how can I use Astral Travel with intention to benefit me and others?”, then this class is for you!

As well, learning this method helps with meditation, and lucid/conscious dreaming.

The only limitation is your own mind.

Prerequisite – None
Sacred Geometry, and the Life Activation are recommended


Initiates $85
Audit $30

Private classes TBD


Details coming soon

Awaken Thyself 

Many spiritual seekers will find themselves upon the steps of the Mystery School, wondering what it’s all about, asking the question of the ages, on the journey to truly knowing oneself. If you are that seeker, wondering “What’s next? Where do I go from here? The Awaken Thyself workshop opens up the gateway to the path of initiation. You can experience the essence of the ancient mysteries, connect to the energy of initiation, learn about the benefits, what to expect, be guided through meditation and ritual so you can make an educated and discerning decision if this path is truly for you.

Time Investment: 3 Hours


Private classes TBD

Intro to Chakras and Aura Health

Your Energy System: What is it? What do your Chakras and Aura do?  Why is it important to keep your energy system healthy?

In this class, you will learn about the structure of your energy system and how it works. You will also learn what weakens your energy system and how to keep it strong and healthy

Chi Do

Chi do is a basic sequence of movements to raise your chi (energy).  It is for anyone…anywhere….anyhow – no experience in chi-work necessary, and beneficial for people of all abilities

Creating Your Desires

An Introduction to the 4 Elements 

Why do some of your great plans never work out? Have your goals been well thought-out but are never fully realized? Have you ever worked very hard at something only to have it fall apart before completion? Have you reached a point where you don’t even want to try anymore? It’s as though there is a missing link, or more appropriately, a missing “element”?

Our world was created through the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. From the beginning of time there is a formula for creating in this physical life whether we realize it or not. Creation is a specific flow of energy that will work best if all the elements are balanced and utilized.

In this 2.5 hour class you will receive an introduction to the elements, learn this primal blueprint, discover which elements may be out of balance in your life, and experience how to create what you want faster and better.  Before the class, please think about at least one thing you want to create or accomplish.

Introduction to Angels and other Celestial Beings

What is the difference between an Archangel, Angel, Guardian Angel, Ascended Master, and Spirit Guide?

In this free talk you will receive a better understanding of the Celestial Beings that help and guide humans, and how to enhance your connection to them

Intro to Healers

More info coming soon!

Intro to the Path of the Initiate

More info coming soon!

Journeys of the Spirit

This intensive one-day workshop opens you up to the spiritual dimensions in order to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Masters of Light and other Beings of Light. This way of meditation will help expand your connection to deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

This workshop shows you how to work with your Higher Self, get familiar with each other so you KNOW the information you’re receiving is valid and true.

In this class you will learn:

  • Safe and effective methods to journey through the spiritual dimensions
  • How to safely connect with the right Beings of Light who can provide guidance and insight into your Spiritual Path
  • How to create a sacred protected space
  • How to easily access a deep meditative state
  • Techniques to expand your psychic abilities
  • Clear information for you to know you’re receiving is for your highest good
  • How to meet and communicate with spiritual beings in the higher dimensions
  • How to integrate these tools in your regular life

Audit $75

Private classes TBD

Sacred Geometry Level 1  

Are you ready to be more unified with the primary language and forces of creation?

In this class you will receive 3 Sacred Geometry Attunements.  You will learn how to work with the 3 Sacred Geometries known as the “3 Keys to Heaven” and learn how to create a more sustainable living environment by:

• Awakening and invoking the powers of the 3 primary sacred geometries within your body and your life.

• Activating all your living and working spaces with the Sacred Geometries, increasing their vibration for daily activities

• Revitalizing the environments you live and work in so they are alive and support you to thrive

• Protecting your environments from outside influence and interference

• Creating a temple / sacred space to enhance your life and your environment.

The ancient teachings tell us that this universe was created from the formless into form using Sacred Geometry. This introductory course will awaken the basic geometric shapes in your aura and teach you how you can use it to seal and grid your man made spaces to clear and create a safer energy environment.

Consequently, it gets easier to rest, heal, and become a stronger and wiser Being of Light. Your connection to Divine Realms in such protected environment is faster and easier to maintain so the meditation, healing work, yoga practice gets much deeper. Therefore, your Higher Self, Guides and Guardians can work with you more effectively.

“Thank you so much Jeannie I will never look at the world the same way! I love leaving a class confident. This hands on workshop is a 101 must-do!”  Sue ~ Newmarket

Time Investment: 3 hours


Initiates $85
Audit $30

Private classes TBD

Sacred Geometry Level 2

Exploring the sacred geometries further, we will go deep into the mysteries of crystals and how we can enhance our homes with four powerful geometric forms.

These teachings come directly from the ancient MU Text – the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces are many. In this class we will explore one of these. You will learn how to call in energies that will establish a good home and a better life.

Spiritual Intuition Level 1  

This workshop will teach you how to expand your awareness to perceive more that you thought you could. Opening and expanding all your spiritual senses will help you to receive information more clearly and easily.

Our spiritual senses mirror our physical ones and with practice, a keen sense of spiritual intuition can be cultivated. The truth is, we all hold the potential to be intuitive. It can be taught and improved greatly with practice. This class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your intuition: Clairvoyance (Spiritual Vision), Clairaudience (Spiritual Hearing), Clairsentience (Intuition & Feeling).

This is familiar to everyone. Intuition is natural, a part of all of us. Just like an inherent ability for athleticism or an aptitude for the sciences, spiritual intuition can be taught to those who have a little of it, increased in those with a budding penchant, and refined for those who knowingly engage these gifts.

Time Investment: 3 hours


Initiates $35
Audit $15

Private classes TBD

Spiritual Intuition Level 2 

Details coming soon


The Mystery School tradition has always acknowledged and worked with the 11 races of magickal beings that share this planet with humans.

These beings, known as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies and many others, once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to hide for their survival. The time has come again to reveal this sacred knowledge of our Elemental Brothers and Sisters and to share their purpose and power with all those who are called.

You are invited to learn more about who these races are, their part in the evolution of humanity and how we can re-build harmonious and empowering relationships between all 12 Races of Earth.


Audit $50

Private classes TBD

The 7 Mystery Schools – Free Talk

Since the beginning of what we call humanity, the most powerful knowledge and tools for human life have been shared through oral traditions all over the world. Originally, this information was widely known by all, and lived in daily life. As human life grew in complexity from tribes into “civilizations,” this knowledge was under threat and those that had the task of protecting it took it underground into Schools of Life, or what we now call Mystery Schools. There it remained, being shared in secret, waiting for humanity to once again be ready to embrace the truth of our own power and noble purpose.

Today, there are 7 Mystery Schools that continue to protect this ancient wisdom, maintaining and developing the tools and teachings for present and future generations. Traditionally, all but one of the 7 Mystery Schools are closed to voluntary enrolment each century; and this is true today.

In this lecture you will learn about  the 7 Mystery Schools, revealing their home country and their primary mission of service for the planet. To feel the energy of this service, you will be introduced to an ancient ceremony or ritual from each school’s tradition.