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What is my background?


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Jeannie is always looking for the best, most efficient and effective way to do anything, especially when it comes to personal growth. Through the teaching and healing modalities from King Salomon's Lineage, she has a vast array of highly effective tools to offer for helping you let go of what is holding you back from living life alive.

Since 2010, Jeannie began training with The Modern Mystery School, she has helped hundreds of clients and has a keen ability to uncover what people need and are searching for. With gentle compassion, and structured guidance, Jeannie will lead you towards your true calling. She is genuine, honest, and her passion is to help people BE the best possible version of themselves.

Jeannie will help you REMEMBER who you truly are, what you are capable of, and how to have JOY in your life!

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What do people have to say?


  • “My Life Activation feels like a lifetime ago! There has been so much going on in my life recently. It hardly seems relevant to categorize events as “good” or “bad”; they are simply opportunities to witness the presence of both ego and spirit and choose my experience consciously. So… yeah… SOMETHING has been activated!” - John Doyle
  • Life Activation “I have found that l am not eating as much, and l’m looking at food again differently, l have more motivation in do things and there is deep concentration when doing things. I find there is a much better flow to do things ,definitely running on a higher vibration. I feel I’m not being weighted down I feel lighter., things are clearer. When doing things there is a flow in the process of doing a task (I love it) ! I’m soo glad l did this. Thank You” - Norma-Jean
  • "It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Jeannie. During the time I have known Jeannie, I have benefited both spiritually and emotionally from her sessions. Her enthusiasm, warmth, compassion and wisdom have helped me go beyond all my expectations. I am on my own spiritual path and Jeannie is helping me achieve my goals. Thanks Jeannie!" - Carmela LoMaglio
  • Etheric Reconstruction - Celestial Code "I have a health problem very similar to fibromyalgia, in the 10 days after the celestial code region session, I found myself only reaching for pain killers once. Usually it would be every other day or so that I reach my limit." - Caroline
  • Life Activation "A lot of people who know me well have noticed a difference in me. I don't seemed to be so stressed about things as much." Lynne Wilson
  • Empower Thyself “Jeannie, what an incredible and up lifting experience! Such love and light! I can't wait to see where the journey will go from here!!! Much incredible, thought provoking information and opportunities! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive and loving people in my life! Thank you!!!” Marlee Hewison, Newmarket
  • Empower Thyself "Jeannie, thank you so much for such an extraordinary experience this past weekend. I feel like I have just been introduced to my authentic self. You helped me see who I am, and what I can be. Thank you again for your faith, belief and confidence in me.” Sue Warden, Newmarket
  • Life Activation "I don't feel so many blockages and humongous road blocks! and when they do show up it is easier to see the end game, or path. Clarity is certainly an avenue that has shown itself, clarity to see the path and know where to go." Krista Norman, Newmarket
  • Vision Board Class "I was so happy to participate in the vision board exercise. I felt it made me start to rethink my life and what my needs are so thank you for that." Darlene S., Newmarket
  • Life Activation "I feel that I go more with the flow, let things happen and follow what my soul wants. It seems easier now to let things happen without forcing them." Stephane Corre, Newmarket
  • Empower Thyself and Business "Everyone keeps asking what my turning point was in my biz and I know Empower Thyself catapulted me! Thank you so much!" Kelley Oswin, Cookstown
  • Empower Thyself and Fibromyalgia "Here's how I feel since Empower Thyself: everything is more beautiful than before. Music seems sweeter. Food is tastier. Life is good. I've also had way less pain from my fibromyalgia. My pain level daily before was an 8 to 10. Now pain is at about a 3! " Jayne, Newmarket

Ask yourself

Are you happy in all aspects of all your life.
Are you balanced in all areas of your life?
Are you accomplishing your goals?
Is your life going the way you want it to?

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