Specialty Services

Baby Blessing (energy exchange TBD at consultation)

The blessing of a new baby is the most powerful sacred ceremony of a person’s life and can a world of difference with that child’s experience of life. This is a ritual that has been used in this Mystery School for thousands of years and has been one of the most highly regarded secrets of the lineage.

We are able to offer this to those who truly wish to provide protection and empowerment for their child’s spiritual life.

Energy Clearing

Emotional traumas and tragic events can cause “bad energy” to accumulate and settle in our living areas.  It can affect everything from relationships, to moods, sleep, and health.  It can also attract accidents, bad luck, strange smells, cause temperature fluctuations, and peculiar behaviour in electronics, animals and children.  Clearing out these old energies and replacing with positive/clean energy is essential for a healthy and flowing life.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that at least one person in the house (office/apartment) receive the Empower Thyself Initiation, preferably all inhabitants.  This ensures that the bad energy does not return and the new, positive/clean energy remains.

Estimated time 3 hrs (depending on size of house/office/apartment). $200/hr

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $600 (approx.)