Aura Healing 

The aura can be damaged by negative emotions (yours and others) and toxins such as alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, environmental, etc…  It is an excellent healing to repair the aura and to maintain good health (physical, mental, emotional).

Signs that you will benefit from an aura healing:

  • Feeling weak
  • Low energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Easily agitated
  • Off balance / out of control

This healing is always recommended a week or so after the Life Activation.


Crystal Healing 

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical healing using crystals.  This healing empowers you to heal old and new wounds while stepping into a pure mind to increase energy flow into the body, bringing in more good fortunes and a general state of well being.


Elemental Balancing with Essential Oils

Essential oils have been long used since ancient times for physical, emotional and physical healing. They immediately raise your vibration, enhance your mood and amplify your mind-body connection. This modality using the sacred of oils of the gifts of the earth will open up channels in your body so that more divine energy can flow through you, optimizing your vitality and health through detoxification of your mind and body. Balance the Earth, Water, Air and Fire within you for peace, calm and better energy flow in your life.  


Emotional Cord Cutting 

There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which people can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center. The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you stop this unhealthy draw of energy. An emotional cord cutting breaks that negative connection, enabling you to form new and healthier bonds with those around you, and end those attachments that no longer serve you.


Negative Energy Removal 

Have you ever felt “stabbed in the back”?  Thoughts are energy and negative thoughts or actions directed towards you can deplete your energy or cause a sense of feeling off-centered.  The Negative Energy Removal reverses and clears negative energies, helping you feel more centered, at ease, and in control of your own life. 


Energy Freedom Package 

This package offers Emotional Cord Cutting and Negative Energy Removal. Ideal for anyone wanting to end or improve their emotional connections to others.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $100 – (separately $130) 

Personal Healing Package 

This special Personal Healing Package combines the healing modalities of Life Activation and Emotional Cord Cutting and Negative Energy Removal for one special price. *Recommended for enormous personal healing and progression


Empowering Activation Package 

Two powerful activation healings are combined to support your personal empowerment. The Empowering Activation package includes: Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation. For maximum benefit the two sessions must be scheduled approximately 1 month apart.


Etheric Reconstruction 

To restore your connection to the Divine.

A Life Activation and a Full Spirit Activation are pre-requisites, along with knowing what core issue is holding you back from progressing.  You must be willing and READY to let go.

We are all composed of many complex energy bodies, systems and structures. One such system is called etheric body. As a human being living in a world of many different energies; we get very polluted and confused. The main problem is that we lose connection with divinity and to the Celestial Kingdom. Etheric Reconstruction is needed in order to restore our connection to the divine, and allow us to be in harmony with celestial powers. It is the art of healing specific parts of the Etheric – Auric body, including the Magnetic, Astral and Dharmic body systems. 


Etheric Reconstruction – Celestial Code 

To bring you back to your original blueprint.

A Life Activation and a Full Spirit Activation are pre-requisites.  You must be ready, know, and agree to let go of what is holding you back.

Work is done in the Etheric/Auric, Magnetic, Astral and Dharmic body systems.


ISIS Healing

Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality causes a death and rebirth of the emotional body which in turn creates a revitalized mental and physical state of being. As a result of this realignment, people often experience having more available energy, more usage of the brain capacity, more JOY, and more vitality for everyday life. 


RA Healing

By accessing the ray of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God and Creator, this modality uses the source energy of creation to clear out your aura of unwanted lower vibrations that do not serve your best interest. It heals as it purifies your personal energy field, restoring its capacity to contain Light. The Ra healing places you in a protective seal which acts like a buffer between you and undesirable negative energies. You will feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized.

Energy Exchange: $250
Special Pricing for Initiates: $200.00

Soul Retrieval 

Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness. Soul Retrieval can help if you can feel or sense that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within.


Ensofic Ray (Reiki)

The EnSofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy.  It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is pure, straight to the point and penetrates right to the core to bring you back to your original perfected self.

This healing modality is a process of re-orienting body, soul, and spirit to each other for absolute alignment: first, by destroying imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns that prevent our highest potential; second, by sealing our physical vessels (our bodies) to contain this highest vibration; and third, by harmonizing our structures (mental, emotional, and physical) so that we can create a full LIFE resolved of conflict.

This is a great modality for those lacking passion for life, lacking desire, feeling like they are off track from their potential and purpose, stuck in a rut – it awakens the desire to love and manifest that ultimate Beauty and Stillness in your life.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the Ensofic Ray Healing:

  • Heals the stagnant parts of your body that cause physical, mental, and emotional illness
  • Realigns your physical body and soul with your purpose and potential
  • Increases your awareness of your innate skills and abilities
  • Restores your connection to your ultimate self
  • Gently and powerfully releases old wounds and suffering held within your being
  • Assists you in managing your life with clarity, wisdom and grace

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 It is recommended that the healing is done in three 1hr sessions for most beneficial results (each session builds upon the previous session).

Package pricing for 3 sessions is $600.00.  Partial payment must be in advance for this package.
Separate individual sessions are $250 each.