Leukos, Lucius, Lux, Light!

August 21, 2020

by Jeannie Vassos

What is it?  “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the Light.” (Aristotle) In Light of (yes, pun intended) all that is happening in the world today, how can we discern what is helping us evolve or keeping us stuck?  It seems that many of us have ‘planted our flag’ and refuse to budge. Do …

Laughing with the Angels

May 15, 2020

by Jeannie Vassos

Laughing with the Angels When in doubt, just laugh!  Did you know that there is a specific group of Angelic beings, the Chasmalim, whose sole purpose is to help us laugh?  When we think of Angels and spirituality, out of respect and humbleness, we tend to be somber and serious, right?  So, how does laughter fit into all this? When …

Why Lineage?

August 8, 2019

by Jeannie Vassos

Why get only the crumbs when you can have the whole cake? If you’ve looked at my website or read some of my social media posts, you’ll remember that I mention “Lineage of King Salomon” quite a bit.  Why do I keep mentioning it, and why does it make a difference? When I first attended the Empower Thyself class many years …

How May I Serve?

April 19, 2019

by Jeannie Vassos

How May I Serve?  When I first looked at the “Empower Thyself” program on the Modern Mystery School website it said I had to be “adept” enough to hold the energies and that I would receive “ten times more light”.  What does that even mean?  I wasn’t interested back then because I thought it was only for Lightworkers, and I …

An interview from Fall 2014

April 19, 2019

by Jeannie Vassos

This interview occurred in late 2014. Jon Yaneff, holistic nutritionist and health journalist, interviewed me shortly after I became a Guide with the Modern Mystery School. While I hope my language and communication have improved since then, the information is still relevant and accurate. Q & A with Jeannie Vassos What is Empowerment? I offer healings and teachings to help …

An Apple A Day!

October 10, 2018

by Jeannie Vassos

Have you ever wondered why our lives seem to be full of stress and drama, or at best boring and unfulfilling? I had an epiphany the other day while eating an apple. You see, I’ve recently read the book Medical Medium, by Anthony William (yes, I very much recommend it), and he writes about how fruit has been deemed as …

Keeping Your Stick On The Ice

April 25, 2018

by Jeannie Vassos

Have you ever gone into the big box store for just a few items and came out spending wayyyyy too much money?  Perhaps it is the electromagnetic overload, or all the different colours, shapes, signs, the advertising, the layout of the store…, whatever it is, some days I just can’t think straight in there. I’m using a trip to the big …

Veggie Bites!

April 17, 2018

by Jeannie Vassos

I became a vegetarian in August 2017. I didn’t make this decision for my physical health, nor animal rights, nor environmental sustainability, although by doing so I am positively contributing to all of them. This choice was a little unexpected because in the past ten or so years prior to becoming vegetarian, I actually ate MORE meat to cut down …

A Barenaked Lesson

September 27, 2017

by Jeannie Vassos

Last year (September 2016) my husband and I took a trip to beautiful Newfoundland to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. On the last day, as we got seated at a restaurant for lunch, I glanced around my surroundings and noticed a dynamic looking person sitting at the next table (kitty-corner to our table). And while I’ve only seen professional photos …

O Canada!

June 30, 2017

by Jeannie Vassos

Unfortunately, I feel I must begin this with a disclaimer that I realize that this 150th celebration is controversial, and that our governments and citizens have not always made the best choices. This post has nothing to do with that, but is simply about Canada, our home and native land, and what it’s role and our role is in the …