Laughing with the Angels

Laughing with the Angels

When in doubt, just laugh!  Did you know that there is a specific group of Angelic beings, the Chasmalim, whose sole purpose is to help us laugh?  When we think of Angels and spirituality, out of respect and humbleness, we tend to be somber and serious, right?  So, how does laughter fit into all this?

When we laugh from pure comedy and humour (not from anything with malevolent intent) we experience a warm feeling inside, peace, contentment, and overall joy.  Laughter is said to be doubled when shared with friends and even strangers, it is a bond different than any other.

We can access better moods and positive thinking by simply laughing than by something serious and solemn.  True humour is a Divine Gift!  Humour helps bring us back to our perfection.

In reference to the Tree of Life, the Chasmalim are located towards the top of the Tree, which is also above all other emotions, and therefore closer our BEST self, rather than our worst self.  Saying “laughing to death” has a whole new meaning when you realize you are saying you are closer to God when laughing.

The Chasmalim bring us messages of hope, better times to come, encouraging us to reach higher, and pull ourselves out of the dark hole we’re in.  They flow happiness and optimism to us in many ways, and thankfully they are insistent!  Whether it is through a gentle whisper or by seeing a baby’s smile, it is with their help that we see brightness even in the most terrible darkness.

Many of us already have our own ways and coping mechanisms to call for help when needed, but now you know exactly who to call.

Credit: Paraphrased very much from The Ladder of Lights, William G. Gray

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