How May I Serve?

How May I Serve? 

When I first looked at the “Empower Thyself” program on the Modern Mystery School website it said I had to be “adept” enough to hold the energies and that I would receive “ten times more light”.  What does that even mean?  I wasn’t interested back then because I thought it was only for Lightworkers, and I didn’t have any skill or talent that I thought were associated with that kind of work.  But this next step kept “calling me” very strongly.  Little did I know that this was exactly what I needed to pivot me in the right direction.

Lightworker or not, why get the Initiation? What DOES it mean? What are the benefits? Does it really make a difference?

The best way I can describe it is in physical terms and to compare it to the job of a waiter/server.  Picture a popular restaurant during the dinner rush.  Plates are piled on the waiter’s arm with a coffee pot in the other hand, the bell is ringing with dishes to be served and even more new customers are waiting to get seated.  Closing time seems so far away.  He feels like he is running on a treadmill and is struggling to keep up.  At the end of the day he has done his job well, and everyone got served.

Now picture this, the same restaurant, same waiter, and same dinner rush.  The newly Initiated waiter now has multiple arms that stretch the area of the restaurant.  His arms are doing the physical serving all on their own, which leaves him time to really pay attention to the patrons, perhaps coming to a table at the right time to distract a hungry child, or talking to a lonely diner helping them feel less isolated, or giving the appropriate compliment to make someone’s self-esteem soar, or even suggesting dishes that end up being exactly what the diner wanted.  He seems relaxed, full of energy, and he’s enjoying his work.  At the end of the day, he has done his job well, and everyone got served.

Once I got Initiated, the feeling of constantly swimming upstream disappeared.  Using my day job as an example, I have certain responsibilities and an unchanging work load, and after the Initiation those responsibilities and work load remained the same, and yet it felt like I was able to handle it all in half the time.  Everything started to flow in the proper order.  I thought I was already efficient, and yet the new, dynamic, PERMANENT “ease” in my life freed up immense amounts of time and energy. 

This newfound time and energy allowed me to relax, and it gave me the FREEDOM for time to breathe, think, and reflect.  At first I began taking better care of myself, then others, and then I began to see endless possibilities of what I could do with my life that I had never considered before.

Maybe you think you’ve seen it all and have tried everything, or like me, you think you are already more-than competent and efficient.  But, if you’ve read this far then there is a part of you that is still unfulfilled and searching for something more.  What are your dreams and desires?  In what way would you like to serve yourself and others if you had the time and energy?  Consider that this is possible, and ask me more about it. 

(originally written for/published in Ki Awareness Magazine, Aug/Sept 2011)

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