The Modern Mystery School Lineage dates back 3000 years to King Salomon the Wise. The ancient knowledge has been passed down from teacher to student, with the verity of Initiation to preserve its integrity. All Mystery Schools assist in the progression of humanity, and the unique responsibility of the Modern Mystery School is to bring about the new Shamballah (heaven on earth) and World Peace, for the highest good of all beings.

As with all ancient lineages, there is The 3rd Order, or 3 keyholders that have the authority to continue the Lineage and maintain it’s purity and integrity.

They are:

Founder Gudni Gudnason lives an extraordinary life. His mission for World Peace began at a very young age and has driven his every step. The primary wisdom we receive from him is that we are eternal beings, we have never been born, and therefore, we can never die. This reminder gives us the Empowerment to live a life of passion, purpose, creativity, and JOY!

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon wears many hats within the school, but he is best known as leader of the bringers of Light through the Warrior Path.

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome supports the many dynamics of the Light, but is the revered bringer of Light through the Healer Path and the Ensofic Ray.

The governing Council of 12 Women are held prominently within this structure to Guide the Modern Mystery School forward. It is through their wisdom and understanding of the needs of humanity that provide the Modern Mystery School with the direction towards the mission of World Peace.