MAX Meditation SystemTM

The MAX Meditation System™ uses a full spectrum of meditation techniques — breathing, deep-body relaxation, passive, active and guided meditation.

With this system you will be able to more easily meditate and let go… A clear sacred space is created for you during class to experience deep states of self-healing, relaxation, and revitalization.  No experience is needed.

Benefits of MAX Meditation™:

• Reduces stress & tension
• More positive control over your thoughts
• Detachment from situations and less drama in your life
• Happiness & peace of mind
• Increased concentration
• Spontaneity & creativity
• Learn to “know thyself”
• Builds self-confidence
• Helps increase clarity
• Boosts good moods
• Creates a state of deep relaxation & general well-being

“It was my first experience at meditation and found it amazing.”  Leena ~ Newmarket

Time Investment: 1 hour


Sanctuary Meditation 

Learn to work more consciously with your higher self

Learn and practice entering your Sanctuary, a sacred space within your aura through which you can consciously meet and connect with your higher self! This is an awesome way to get clearer higher guidance for yourself, without relying on others.

Time Investment: 3 hours