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June 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019 all day
Stephanie Vassos


This past May, Stephanie became certified as a Fire Soul Infusion practitioner with The Modern Mystery School. After receiving the modality on herself, Steph went home and purged her bedroom and closet, getting rid of old clothing and items that she no longer needed. In the following couple of days, she could sense the bits of apathy and depressive thoughts that would linger around her began to lift and disappear, causing her to be infused with passion and motivation to make changes and move forward in life.

In order to celebrate Stephanie’s accomplishment, and to share her excitement with you, she is offering the Fire Soul Infusion at a discounted price of only $300 instead of $400.

The benefits of receiving this session include:
– Removal of apathy and lethargy
– Infusion of passion and an excitement for life
– Increased sense of self-love
– Better connection with spirit
– Increased clarity of thought
– Increased magnetism and the ability to manifest
– A more balanced and healthy body
– A complete rebalancing of your magnetic energy system!

In order to receive this healing, one must also first receive a Life Activation. In order to reboot our energetic system and infuse us with good energy for the summertime, we are also having a promotion on Life Activations. Give yourself and loved ones the gift of a new life with this discounted price of $225 instead of $300!

Benefits include:
– Reduced anxiety and negative emotions
– Reduced depression
– Increased HAPPINESS
– Ongoing relaxation
– Removal of emotional baggage that holds us back in life
– Increased energy to get things done
– Greater vitality
– Increased self-confidence
– A new sense of purpose
– Clearer decision making

Want BOTH of these healings? We got you covered! You can package both of these healings for $500, which saves you $200!

Contact Stephanie at 905-954-5688

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