Grow Your Intuition – Spiritual Intuition Workshop

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March 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
The Middle Pillar
16610 Bayview Avenue
ON . L3X 1X3
Jeannie Vassos

Spiritual Intuition Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to expand your awareness to perceive more that you thought you could. Opening and expanding all your spiritual senses will help you to receive information more clearly and easily, which will help you your through life with ease.

Our spiritual senses mirror our physical ones and with practice, and a better sense of spiritual intuition can be cultivated. We all hold the potential to be intuitive. It can be taught and improved greatly with practice.

This class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your intuition: Clairvoyance (Spiritual Vision), Clairaudience (Spiritual Hearing), Clairsentience (Intuition & Feeling).

This class is $30. If you register for both, this class and the Spiritual Intuition Level 2 class (March 27), you save $10.

Spiritual Intuition $30
Spiritual Intuition Level 2 $60

Register for both:
Spiritual Intuition $25
Spiritual Intuition Level 2 $55

Materials need to be prepared, please contact Jeannie for registration and payment arrangements.

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