Empower Thyself – The Game Changer

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October 13, 2018 – October 14, 2018 all day
The Middle Pillar
16610 Bayview Avenue
#210, Newmarket
ON L3X 1X3
Jeannie Vassos

Join us for 2 days of rejuvenation, self care, and powerful energy work! Receive ancient tools to relieve stress, to increase your energy, and provide you with a system to become your highest and best version of you!

You know how you meander through life with every day being pretty much the same as the last? Or, you keep striving to have joy and excitement in your life, but can’t seem to sustain it, and are continually looking for the next inspiration? Do you ever wonder “what is this all for?” and deep down know you are meant to live an exciting and purposeful life?

What the Empower Thyself weekend does is open the doors of your mind to the true rules and roadmap of humanity and the universe. Over the two days you will receive knowledge, and tried and true methods that answer the question “what’s next?”.

You will begin to look at your life with a different set of eyes, and make choices that satisfy your passion and creativity. As a result, your unique skills and talent will emerge for you to live life alive!

Contact Jeannie for more information. 905-717-5907 jeannievassos @ rogers.com

In Newmarket, October 13/14, 2018
Energy Exchange $1000
(a $300 deposit is required)
*Life Activation is required

In these two days you will learn and experience:
– The origins of creation and the Universe
– Who and what you are as a being
– Why humanity exists today
– Where we are all going; our progression
– A basic structure of the Cosmology (Universe)
– Effective techniques for clearing negative blocks
– A brief history of the Mystery School and humanity
– Basic Universal Kabbalah
– Proper meditation techniques
– The chakras and energy flow
– Handing down of ancient Lineage teachings and tools

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