Empower Thyself

The Empower Thyself program includes:

  • The origins of creation and the Universe
  • Who and what you are as a being
  • Why humanity exists today
  • Where we are all going; our progression
  • A basic structure of the Cosmology (Universe)
  • Effective techniques for clearing negative blocks
  • A brief history of the Mystery School and humanity
  • Basic Universal Kabbalah
  • Proper meditation techniques
  • The chakras and energy flow
  • Handing down of ancient Lineage teachings and tools

Here are some of the benefits of Initiation and what you will be able to do:

  • Increase your intuition, discernment, spiritual senses, and improve your physical health
  • Elevate your spiritual consciousness to fulfill your purpose in life
  • Receive four new Guides to teach, empower you, and help in your personal spiritual evolution
  • Connect more with the Hierarchy of Light, Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, and other benevolent beings to facilitate your spiritual transformation
  • Your energetic structure will be permanently changed for your energy to increase by 10 times; to enable you to permanently flow in the same direction as the Universe; and the boundary of your energetic structure (aura) will be thicker/stronger to protect you which will greatly diminish the energy drain from others, thus enabling you to accomplish your goals with more ease and flow

You will feel a calling towards this class, and a one-on-one meeting is recommended. Please contact Jeannie for more information.

This is a 2 day class, offered only a few times a year.