Life Activation with Full Energetic Balancing

Benefits of Life Activation

Everyone is unique and therefore experience the benefits differently. However, some of the benefits of the Life Activation are:

  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Creates more happiness and contentment
  • Provides a sense of calm and may reduce anxiety
  • Gives you more energy and clarity
  • Increases your will power to create the change you wish to see in your life
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential
  • Bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Increases self confidence and feel more connected
  • Aligns you to accomplish your purpose for this lifetime
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain
  • Clear out past issues and self-limiting beliefs
  • Increase your intuition and psychic abilities
  • The ability to receive and hold more light in your physical body
  • Facilitates the clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns that consciously or unconsciously hold you back – patterns from your past three to five generations as well as three to five future generations


The benefits are very individual, but most people experience a sense of “calm” and “peace”. Some people experience physical changes (pain may go away) and it improves your immune system. Many also experience clarity like never before, as though they had been living in a fog. It has been likened to being on “dial-up” internet before, and afterwards being on “high speed”. As well, with all this “light”, your thoughts start to create in your life much faster than before and so things you may want to happen, actually begin to happen. 

The Life Activation also strengthens your connection with your “true self/higher self”. This is the “real you”, who you “really are”, and the communication becomes clearer. What this means is that you begin to make decisions in your life that are in accordance to what is best for YOU, and therefore you become more joyful.

The Activation needs to be received only once.  

What Can You Expect During

You will be sitting and mostly standing for the entire time (not lying down). It’s best if you wear comfortable clothes and are relaxed. I may ask you to move your arms to your front or back, to take a step frontwards or back, sit down or stand up, and I may ask you to close your eyes for a few minutes.

Some people experience visions, colours, sounds and sensations in their body, others do not experience anything. What you experience does not affect the results.

It is best if you do not schedule anything extraordinary afterwards (a hard workout, long drive, special event). Some people feel “pumped” and energetic afterwards, and others feel they need a brief nap.



Full Spirit Activation

Activate the connections of your physical body with your soul.

Affectionately called the second part of the Life Activation, the Full Spirit Activation is designed to activate the connection between the Supernal Body (where we are the most powerful beings) with the Thalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Glands within the “old brain”. This allows us to bypass the physical processes that stagnate us as humans and come into a state of existence free from the world around us while allowing us to truly experience and enjoy the miracle of life everyday.

What this means is our connection to our true self/higher self becomes even more dynamic and clear, ultimately leading towards more peace and joy in our lives.


These Activations are unique to The Modern Mystery School, because they work for EVERYONE.

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