Who am I?

Jeannie Vassos

mission statement

I am an agent for World Peace. By continually striving to be my best self, I experience more inner peace. My mission is to share the knowledge, tools, and wisdom from the Royal Lineage of King Salomon to help you achieve inner peace, and create a better world.  

“You may or may not know your true purpose, but the closer you get to figuring it out, the more JOY you will have in your life.”

“Sometimes we need to be hard, and other times we need to be soft. Having a strong foundation helps us always return to centre.”


In her late teens Jeannie Vassos began a journey which she can only describe by her favourite quote “An unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates). She had dabbled in esoteric studies, but it wasn’t until she choose to see a naturopath for a simple ailment that she realized we are much more than our physical body. She then began the process of releasing her emotional baggage and changing her thought patterns, finally concluding that the most effective and efficient way to health and wellness is by healing our energy body first.

Jeannie has worked in the financial industry and municipal government, and owns a property management company. She is certified as a practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy TM, and Hypnotherapy. She is a metaphysician, and has studied various martial arts since 2001. She holds certification as an Ensofic Ray (Reiki) practitioner through the Ensofic Ray Research Institute in Japan, and multiple certifications within the King Salomon Lineage energy healing modalities and teachings.

Jeannie’s passion is offering tools of Empowerment to others by facilitating Energy Healing and Advanced Spiritual Training as a Healer, Teacher, and Guide with the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, through The Modern Mystery School. She is Initiated as a Celtic Shaman, Knights Templar, Kabbalist, and Magus Hermeticus. Her Energy Healing and Advanced Spiritual Training is in the prestigious Lineage of King Salomon. She has shared her perspective in “Ki Awareness Magazine”. Jeannie lives and works in the Newmarket area.

How my life changed

In her mid-30’s, Jeannie lived a typical, safe (a.k.a limited) life.  She was afraid of standing out and she spent a lot of energy keeping herself small and unnoticed.  By squishing herself into the box created by the rules of others, she began to experience unexplained anger, frustration, depression, and isolation, which was beginning to cause health issues.  Thankfully she chose to seek alternative health care (naturopath and chiropractor) which began to expand her horizons for her to realize that there is so much more she didn’t know, about herself and everything else.

Her first step into the Mystery School tradition was a Sacred Geometry class, which lead to the Life Activation, and then to Empower Thyself, Initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon.

After beginning to fully connect with her true self and recognizing that “this is real and it works!”, Jeannie is the leader of her own life, and now teaches that very same Sacred Geometry class, plus many other classes and provides energy healing to those seeking more in their lives.  In 2010, she opened her own spiritual centre, has travelled to Europe and Asia for service and continued advanced spiritual training, and is excited for the future.

People that have known her a long time notice she gets things done faster and more efficiently now, and is able to see through the chaos of emotion (hers and others) to accomplish things with ease. They are also a bit surprised that she can confidently stand in front of a large group and talk about metaphysics.

Jeannie now knows that her potential is limitless, and she can create the life she desires.

Stephanie Vassos
Author ~ Creator ~ Alchemist
She’s not your average chic in her mid-twenties. After battling with depression for many years as a teen, Stephanie began studying metaphysics and alchemy in hopes of understanding the purpose of life and what her mission in this universe could quite possibly be. Stephanie’s mission is simply to make the world a more beautiful place.

Whether it’s helping people heal and remember who they are as divine beings with DIVINUS, creating silly but informative Youtube videos, creating wordy masterpieces with her writing, or by simply making a killer chai latte, Stephanie manifests beauty. ​ Stephanie is known for giving good advice, being compassionate, listening to music, wearing turtlenecks, admiring handbags, quoting the same two movies too often, obsessing over Elon Musk, and finding a way to make people laugh. ​

Stephanie can also be found asking “what the actual f**k?”on a daily basis. She says its because she’s contemplating deep questions about the universe, but we all know its because she can’t remember the name of the song that’s stuck in her head. That’s cool, but why in the world should you work with Stephanie?

Stephanie attended the University of Toronto, St. George Campus and achieved her HBA in both Sociology and Environmental Studies. Stephanie is a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner, Teacher, and Ensofic Ray (Reiki) Practitioner with the Modern Mystery School. Stephanie is a Kukkiwon Certified Second Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and has studies Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) since 2001.

At the young age of 21, Stephanie became a published author, publishing her first novel GAIA of the GAIA Series. She has since published her second novel, AQUA.

In other words, she’s smart, driven, knows how to get shit done, and has been helping people heal and remember who they are since she was 15. She’s a jack of all trades and a master of only one — herself.

Why The Middle Pillar?
The middle pillar means strength, stability and balance. While a structure may be supported by other pillars or material, the middle pillar is the main support.

As humans, we are housed in a physical structure (our body) that also includes emotional, mental, and energetic bodies, and for us to have the strength to live an abundant life of good health, success, and joy, our own middle pillar needs to be strong and balanced. Sometimes we need to be soft, and other times we need to be firm, and it is the integrity of our centre that keeps us from going too far either way and becoming unbalanced.

The Tree of Life is present in all cultures, (sometimes called “World Tree”) and through the teachings of Kabbalah, the trunk of the tree is called The Middle Pillar. The tools and knowledge from ancient times are needed in order for our own personal tree to have strength AND flexibility.
3,000 years ago King Salomon the Wise trained his Warriors to be Healers and his Healers to be Warriors. In our modern times, we find ourselves being one of those in every moment. If your life/job requires you to be either one for the majority of your time, then you need to balance yourself by working on and including the other. How do you effectively do that?

The most pivotal services from the King Salomon Lineage offered here, to help you become more balanced and centered, are the Life Activation, and then the Empower Thyself Initiation. The Life Activation is the first step towards your personal empowerment, and the Empower Thyself Initiation begins the path of The Middle Pillar.

Having strength, stability and balance allows you to embody your purpose and passion. Are you ready?

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People who have changed their lifes


Jeannie teaching
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Picture will 2 Life Activation Practitioners
Empower Thyself initiation group photo
Jeannie holding the tree of life and teaching


  • “My life activation feels like a lifetime ago! There has been so much going on in my life recently. It hardly seems relevant to categorize events as “good” or “bad”; they are simply opportunities to witness the presence of both ego and spirit and choose my experience consciously. So… yeah… SOMETHING has been activated!”
    – John Doyle
  • “I have found that l am not eating as much, and l’m looking at food again differently, l have more motivation in do things and there is deep concentration when doing things. I find there is a much better flow to do things ,definitely running on a higher vibration. I feel I’m not being weighted down I feel lighter., things are clearer. When doing things there is a flow in the process of doing a task (I love it) ! I’m soo glad l did this. Thank You”
    – Norma-Jean
  • “It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Jeannie. During the time I have known Jeannie, I have benefited both spiritually and emotionally from her sessions. Her enthusiasm, warmth, compassion and wisdom have helped me go beyond all my expectations. I am on my own spiritual path and Jeannie is helping me achieve my goals. Thanks Jeannie!”
    – Carmela LoMaglio
  • “I have a health problem very similar to fibromyalgia, in the 10 days after the Celestial Code region session, I found myself only reaching for pain killers once. Usually it would be every other day or so that I reach my limit.”
    – Caroline
  • “Here’s how I feel since Empower Thyself: everything is more beautiful than before. Music seems sweeter. Food is tastier. Life is good. I’ve also had way less pain from my fibromyalgia. My pain level daily before was an 8 to 10. Now pain is at about a 3. I’ve even started a serious job search. Hopefully something comes my way soon.”
    – Jayne