An interview from Fall 2014

This interview occurred in late 2014. Jon Yaneff, holistic nutritionist and health journalist, interviewed me shortly after I became a Guide with the Modern Mystery School. While I hope my language and communication have improved since then, the information is still relevant and accurate.

Q & A with Jeannie Vassos

What is Empowerment?

I offer healings and teachings to help empower people; however, a lot of people don’t understand what it means to be empowered. People often relate money and intellect with empowerment, and if they achieve those then they can accomplish their goals, and this is not entirely true. Empowerment is understanding who you truly are, why you are here, and what your life purpose is. After you have made these discoveries then you become more empowered, and are able LIVE your purpose, and accomplish what you are here to do.

What is the first step within the Modern Mystery School?

People will do what they are called to do. My first experience with the Modern Mystery School was a Sacred Geometry class. Often the first step is generally the Life Activation, followed by the Empower Thyself class (and Initiation); however, everyone is on their own path, and they need different things at various times in their life. I believe that every teaching, healing, or mediation helps a person’s healing process and growth. It helps you heal a part of yourself, and it allows you to know yourself better. Each modality helps you to release baggage or issues. It frees up energy and helps you receive what you need to receive.

How does the Modern Mystery School path differ from other modalities and spiritual paths?

What makes this path different is that it is all about the energy of the Lineage. When you start to understand how energy works you can then use it appropriately and beneficially in your life. This path is also within the Lineage of King Salomon, and the teachings are over 3,000 years old. King Salomon worked with the healers, shamans, priests, and elders of every tribe and culture. His goal was to find what worked for every tribe and person on the planet. He wanted humanity to evolve and progress as a whole. Other modalities and paths may be helpful, but they may not be effective for everyone, and may not have a legitimate Lineage behind them.

What do you offer people interested in the Modern Mystery School?

I offer people a free one-hour consultation or meeting. I would discuss with them what they looking for and how the Lineage teachings and healings can help. The first step is usually the Life Activation; however, some people aren’t quite ready for it or they don’t understand it. They may also want a teaching instead—such as Sacred Geometry. Ultimately, whatever they choose it has to be right for them..

Why is the Modern Mystery School open to the public now?

The Modern Mystery School became open to the public in 1997. The school was previously out of the public’s eye, and required invitation to become a student. The school opened to the public to get people ready for the evolutionary shift in 2012.

Is the Modern Mystery School the only path?

No. It is a path of self-knowledge and progression, and it is a path of “Know Thyself”. To know thyself best you need to have life experiences. We all get to the same place in the end. The Modern Mystery School is just one option to help you through your life and spiritual progression. Everyone will benefit from the Modern Mystery School path; however, it may not be for everybody at this time. Many people take different paths because they need to have different experiences in their life. If you’ve stumbled upon the Modern Mystery School, it is worth it to check it out and experience something it offers.

What is the Life Activation?

The Life Activation is a spiritual DNA activation. Science has stated that we have two strands of DNA; however, in the last couple of years they’ve discovered a third and a fourth strand. They don’t know exactly what it is for, and it has been called “junk” DNA. There are actually 12 strands of DNA. When you receive the life activation you are activating the 12 strands of DNA within your energetic body (etheric body). When we activate the 12 DNA strands, it is mirrored into the physical life. There is a saying: “As above, so below.” When your energetic body begins to fully receive the divine energy from spirit, it is mirrored into your physical life, and your live begins to change in wonderful ways.

What was your Life Activation experience?

When I had the Life Activation, I felt immediately good afterwards. I felt calm, happy, and pleasant. A few hours later I then received immense clarity. It’s like a fog had been lifted. It’s like I had been living my entire life in a haze, and my head, brain, and thoughts suddenly felt clear. The Life Activation felt like going from dial-up Internet to high speed. Everything was super clear and super fast. In the days and weeks that followed my Life Activation, I observed my life, and I started to realize why I made certain decisions in the past. The newfound clarity I received allowed me to see different possibilities for my future. As well, I get things done faster where before things would drag on and be repetitive. I knew the Life Activation was different than any other healing I’d had before because it is PERMANENT. Once you are Activated, you are always Activated.

How did the Life Activation change your life?

After I had the life activation, I told my family and friends how profound the experience had been for me. I also told them they should try it. But, I found that nobody would meet the person who gave me the life activation. I then realized that I had to be the one to learn how, so I could offer the Life Activation to them myself. I had to begin living my purpose and walking my path as Healer, Teacher, and Guide.

What is an emotional cord cutting?

We establish energetic cords with everyone we meet—including close friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. The more often we see someone, the stronger the bond we create. We create love and light bonds with everyone we meet, and these connections can never be cut; however, sometimes in relationships there are negative emotions such as jealously, anger, frustration, or co-dependency that hold us back and drain us. The emotional cord cutting simply removes the toxic energy, and afterwards you will likely view the relationship with love instead of negativity. When you have an emotional cord cutting, you can still continue the relationship. The negative cord is gone; however, it is up to whether you choose to change the relationship. If you go back to your old patterns and habits then another cord will attach. The majority of people move forward from cord cuttings, and they are able to release a lot of emotional baggage, and relationships shift for the better.

What is energy exchange?

There is a universal law that energy flows in an infinity loop. When services are provided to someone, the other person has to reciprocate in some way. In our society today money is the primary way of exchanging energy; however, I have also received gifts such healings, or other services of equal value to me. It is very important for both people that this energy exchange is met.

How does the Modern Mystery School help people figure out how to feel for themselves?

The Modern Mystery School offers energetic and spiritual teachings for your empowerment. You already know everything you need to know, but you’ve forgotten and we are just reminding you. There is no right or wrong on how you experience it.

What is the Etheric Reconstruction?

We have a physical body and an etheric body which sits just above our skin. When we have health problems (physical, mental, and emotional) there are usually blockages and damage in this etheric field. The etheric reconstruction sessions bring your etheric body back to its original form.  There are a few different variations of etheric reconstruction, each dealing with different areas of illness.

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