An Apple A Day!

Have you ever wondered why our lives seem to be full of stress and drama, or at best boring and unfulfilling? I had an epiphany the other day while eating an apple. You see, I’ve recently read the book Medical Medium, by Anthony William (yes, I very much recommend it), and he writes about how fruit has been deemed as a “bad food” because of its sugar content. He goes on to explain that each fruit (and vegetable) have the absolute perfect amount of everything needed for our bodies, and the synergy for us to assimilate all the benefits. In other words, a fruit is much more than just it’s sugary parts.

So, I’m pondering the apple while also eating it, and I’m thinking of all the other apple products out there, such as apple juice, apple pie, apple fritters, and apple sauce, etc… And I thought about apple sauce and how it’s two steps away from the original apple. The peel is removed, and it has been heated at a high temperature to break it down into a sauce. Apple sauce is relatively healthy, but I think we can all agree that it’s definitely not as good for you as the original apple. The fresh apple came from nature, and the apple sauce is an apple that has been changed by a human.

Now take a look at us. When we came into this world we were perfect too, but as adults we metaphorically became apple sauce. Either we’re physically unhealthy, or we have emotional and mental issues that negatively affect our lives. Sadly we are not perfect anymore because we may be one, two, or three more steps away from our original perfect self.

How did we get this way, and how do we get back to our perfect self on the apple tree?

As we grow up, we are told what we can and cannot do, think, and feel, and each and every time we adhere to someone else’s opinion and judgement, we take ourselves one step away. These come from our parents, relatives, teachers, friends, co-workers, employers, strangers, movie stars, religious leaders, and politicians, etc… Like the apple sauce, consciously or unconsciously we’ve also been altered by a human.

The first step back to who you truly are is awareness. Where are you? How far away are you from your perfect life? Next is your intention to figure out who you were in the beginning. How do you do that? It’s as simple as living your passion and finding your joy, but that path may take some figuring out.

The sign that has hung over every Mystery School front door is “Know Thyself”, and the teachings are solely for this purpose. There is infinite knowledge, experience and wisdom behind those doors, and all you need to do is knock.

As a Certified Guide with the Modern Mystery School, I have the key and can help you over the chaos, drama, and boredom to find your way back up your apple tree, to live a fulfilling life.

And by the way, eating a fresh apple will also help you on this journey too!

Note: yes, I know apple sauce can be made, with skin and without cooking, in a high speed blender, but it’s still healthier for your teeth to eat it whole…just saying.

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  1. beautiful words jeannie!!!

    but i fear people will have to spend so much money just to learn as much as they need to in order to climb out…most people don’t have it and will end up suffering in the long run falling short of their reach.

    just think about how much money you spent in an order to gain this powerful knowledge.

    my thoughts but still …beautiful words…I’m also sharing your link on fb 💕

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