Keeping Your Stick On The Ice

Have you ever gone into the big box store for just a few items and came out spending wayyyyy too much money?  Perhaps it is the electromagnetic overload, or all the different colours, shapes, signs, the advertising, the layout of the store…, whatever it is, some days I just can’t think straight in there.
I’m using a trip to the big box stores as just one example of how I can easily lose myself and become ungrounded.  Many times I have made wrong decisions, acted like an “airhead”, had my energy sucked away, felt overwhelmed and confused, convinced of something that wasn’t agreeable to me, eating something I regretted (unfortunately more often than not), and, the easy one, bought something I didn’t need which even ended up being something I didn’t even want.  
Many of those instances may have happened because I was a bit hungry, tired or even too excited and emotional, but I’m sure they would have ended differently if I had taken a moment to myself and grounded.  

Being ungrounded can feel different to everybody, but you can usually sense when you’re feeling unbalanced, drained or out-of-sorts. In electrical terms, energy (electricity) needs “to ground”, and interestingly, the British term is “to earth”.  When our own energy has been dispersed, it is also important for us to ground and connect with the earth, luckily there are many ways to do it. Have you ever heard, “he was so happy he was floating 10 feet off the ground”, “your head is in the clouds”, or “she’s very down to earth”? Even hockey coaches tell their players to, “keep your stick on the ice”, as they’re not going to score any goals if their sticks are up in the air.
Unfortunately, most of our day is spent inside and while something physical, like hugging a tree, playing with a pet, swimming in nature, going for a walk, or gardening are all wonderful ways of connecting with the earth, more often than not those aren’t options when you need them.  And, as electronic components in boats, airplanes and space shuttles don’t have an actual connection with the earth, you too don’t have to literally touch the earth to ground with it.
One technique I find extremely easy is to simply picture my feet stuck in the mud.  If I know ahead of time that something will be difficult for me, I’ll picture myself up to the knees or even my hips.  I’ve had to excuse myself from an overly emotionally or dramatic atmosphere and go to a bathroom stall and ground.  I’ve grounded in my car and on an airplane, and also right in the middle of a conversation, unbeknownst to anyone, as it only takes a few seconds. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, it is more important that you recognize that you’re not yourself and do something about it.
Once I’ve grounded though, something inside me clearly shifts and I can get on with what I was doing in a much more secure and confident manner.  Everything then begins to flow with ease, I feel more peaceful and energetic, and it seems to benefit everyone else involved too.
So, the next time you are floating through the big box store, feeling unmotivated, over-emotional or confused, don’t get carried away.  Know that what you are feeling may not be quite as dangerous as an ungrounded electrical wire, but that you also need to find your connection and attach it to the earth. If being ungrounded is causing problems in your life, send me a message and we’ll talk about ways to have your feet always on the ground.

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