Veggie Bites!

Eight months ago I became a vegetarian. I didn’t make this decision for my physical health, nor animal rights, nor environmental sustainability, although by doing so I am positively contributing to all of them. This choice was a little unexpected because in the past ten or so years prior to becoming vegetarian, I actually ate MORE meat to cut down on eating carbohydrates, and I did experience the physical benefits of this “paleo” kind of diet. It also complies with the principles of food-combining.

For my physical health, I also follow the blood-type diet. Let’s just say there have been many trials and tribulations in discovering what is “best” (if only I had a dollar for every time a family member rolled their eyes at my food choices). I’ve also been a conscious eater/shopper for over 25 years, and I shop organic as much as I can, which included the zillions of dollars spent on organic/free-range meat, because I wanted us to eat animals that were healthy and happy.

So, I was doing my part in being an ethical meat eater, and if physical health wasn’t my motivation, why did I became a vegetarian? After almost twenty years of training to master energy, it finally sunk in. In order for me to hold more energy and wield it properly, I had to take my conscious eating to the next level. Since my mission is World Peace, and the only way to achieve that is by helping others achieve Inner Peace, then I have to walk my talk! How can you reach high levels of inner peace when you’ve just eaten a dead animal?

You may be wondering why being aware of energy makes a difference. Whether you realize this or not, everything is energy! Everything! If your own energy flow is blocked or stagnant, priorities in your life, like your relationships, finances, productivity, moods, and mental state will be negatively affected. If someone else’s energy is affecting you, inadvertently or not, you may feel chaos, confusion, fear and insecurity. Imagine your life running smoothly and efficiently without any other interference, and how much freedom and joy that brings. But, animal meat is one of the most dense foods we can eat, and this heaviness limits us in ways we don’t realize.

Will I preach to others about becoming vegetarian? Nope! Never! Firstly, because there are many other ways to learn how to manage your energy. And secondly, you need to be fully informed, committed, and deeply accepting of such a significant life decision. But, if you’re asking me for ways to improve your life, I will probably mention that you may want to take a look at what you’re consuming. Food is a very personal topic for people and changing our diet can be a challenge, so I can also recommend numerous other ways to help you towards inner peace and living alignment with your true self. If we’re not moving forward and improving our life, then we’re either stuck or moving backwards and spiralling down, and the difficult thing to swallow (pun intended) is that the choice is always ours.

Is becoming vegan in my future? Maybe, but I am not ready to choose that yet. I’ll have to master this level first.
Onwards and upwards my friends!

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